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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies recognise the immense value of diversity. One such business is Cooper & Cooper Group, which recently embarked on a journey to expand its product line. The company is excited to announce the acquisition of exclusive and sole distributorship of DAESAN INOTEC products. Lifting Africa met up with the Cooper & Cooper Group team to learn more about the new developments.

With its 125+ year legacy, Cooper & Cooper Group has built an established reputation for delivering top-of- the-line products and services to the mining, industrial, construction, OEM and marine industries.

The company’s expansive catalogue is made up of some of the industry’s most trusted lifting and rigging products – with esteemed brands such as Nitchi, Donsa and Tsala.

According to CEO Lorato Mogaki, the company recognised the need to adapt and evolve. “In today’s dynamic business landscape, broadening the scope of supply is crucial to stay competitive and adapt to ever-changing customer demands, technological advancements, and global market trends,” she says, indicating that they set out to diversify their offerings, understanding that it would not only bring a fresh perspective to their business but also allow them to connect with a broader customer base.

Procurement Manager Jacqui Vere says it was no easy undertaking and required meticulous evaluation of products from a range of suppliers. “Our goal was to broaden our scope of supply within the industry, giving our clients a wider and improved range of options in terms of pricing, but that still met the stringent standards that we comply with.”

Extending the product range – DAESAN

Over the past year, the Cooper Group team has considered a range of different brands looking for the ideal products that would meet the balance of superior quality and price, adding value to the existing range within the group.

The company is excited to announce Exclusive and Sole Distributorship of DAESAN INOTEC products for the territory of South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. The distributorship covers the range of the following products: Electric Chain Hoists, Chain Blocks; Lever Hoists, Trollies as well as Wire Rope Winches. Some exciting and revolutionary features to look forward to include Dual brake systems, Inverter optionality, Synchronised lifting optionality, Weather cover and Wi- Fi application for easy reporting and analysis.

This partnership with DAESAN INOTEC is a major milestone in Cooper’s history and is set to revolutionise the lifting industry in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Katiso Mogaki, Competitive Intelligence Analyst for the group, had this to say about the new range: “With DAESAN’s cutting-edge technology, our customers will enjoy a superior lifting experience that is safe, efficient, and convenient. In addition, the safety features included in these products are second to none, giving customers peace of mind when using them.

The convenience of being able to monitor the lifting process via Wi-Fi is a gamechanger for our customers. We are beyond excited about this new partnership and look forward to seeing how it transforms our industry.”

“While price remains a significant determining factor, compromising safety or quality is not an option, especially in the critical lifting industry. Thus, it becomes imperative for companies like ours to consistently broaden their product range, seeking out valuable offerings that provide our clients with a diverse selection. This approach allows them to access products that offer better prices without compromising on quality or safety standards,” Mogaki adds. Furthermore, commitment to ongoing staff training remains steadfast.

“Having excellent products alone is no longer sufficient. It is imperative that our team possesses extensive knowledge and experience, enabling them to promptly and efficiently assist our clients.” National Sales Manager Leigh-Ann Fernandes emphasises. “Therefore, training holds a paramount position within our strategy. In fact, the team is already undergoing comprehensive training to align with the launch of our new products.”

Unlocking new avenues for business growth

After occupying the same premises for over a century, it became evident that an upgrade was long overdue. As a testament to its continuous growth, the company recently relocated to new premises in Benrose, Gauteng. “We have been experiencing a remarkable growth trajectory for quite some time, and our previous premises were no longer able to accommodate our expanding operations,” explains Fernandes.

The new premises not only fulfil the current space requirements of the growing business, enabling increased stock capacity, but they also enhance safety measures. Furthermore, the upgraded facility positions the company to sustain its growth trajectory by creating the necessary capacity well in advance of future demands. An exciting development has occurred with the recent appointment of yet another lifting machinery inspector (LMI) within the operational business country wide.

“This appointment opens up new and expanded horizons for the range of services we can provide to our clients. The new scope of work done by our Crane Services division includes the inspection, load testing, repair and examining of lifting tackle, chain blocks and lever hoists, forklifts, overhead and gantry cranes, ariel platforms and vehicle hoists,” elaborates Fernandes. “This expansion not only extends our reach and enhances our capabilities but also provides our clients with significantly greater value in utilising our services.” Fernandes highlights that equal importance is placed on their after-sales services.

“In addition to our breakdown division, which provides round-the-clock assistance, we are fully dedicated to resolving any issues our customers encounter.”

For Cooper & Cooper Group its comprehensive growth strategy is aimed at offering its clients a complete onestop service, encompassing not only the provision of products but also encompassing repair, inspection, and load testing of their equipment.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with all the necessary support they require across our products, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and convenience,” said Fernandes indicating that an open day will be held later this year to showcase the new product range.

Nitchi update

The Cooper team confirms that the Nitchi Factory in Japan has closed down.

“We want to reassure our customers that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that the supply of spares remains uninterrupted for as long as possible and we will continue to explore different options in that regard. Our commitment to customer satisfaction remains unwavering; and it is through the launch of DAESAN that we commit to serving our customers with the same level of quality and reliability that they have come to expect from us.” concluded CEO Lorato Mogaki.

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